1S Group Scheme Record of advice

In terms of Section 8 and 9 of the General Code of Conduct, a representative must first take reasonable steps to establish the client’s objectives, financial situation and financial product experience, prior to recommending a particular financial product (product supplier) and maintain such record.

Required advice: Only Funeral

Premium increase
I take note of the annual premium increase of 10% on the anniversary date of the policy. A 31 days written notification will be provided to the policy holder for amendments to this product or its premium.

Waiting period
I take note that the following waiting periods apply:

  1. Once all the required details of the policy holder and the extended member have been received, they will enjoy cover for death as a result of a making use of public or private transport immediately after 1Surance received the first premium. A link will be sent by SMS to enable you to submit the information or contact us on 086 111 2750 or email info@1Surance.co.za – please quote your policy number.
  2. Death due to natural and unnatural causes has a waiting period of 6 months from inception or reinstatement for the main member and 10 months for the extended member.
  3. Suicide has a waiting period of 12 months from inception or reinstatement.

Exclusions and Cancellation
I take note of the following exclusions:
This policy will not pay out if any member on this policy

  1. dies due to exposing themselves to danger;
  2. is involved in any Criminal Activity;
  3. willingly participates in any of the following:
    3.1 an act of war (whether war was is declared or not); military action; riot or unlawful strike; insurrection; civil commotion; usurpation of power; martial law; terrorism and any usage of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, device or agent;
  4. dies due to a disease, epidemic or a pandemic;
  5. dies due to an Act of Government;
  6. takes part in or commits any act or deed deliberately in violation of any law as well as any other insured person under the policy, including but not limited to a minor child, where his/her parent and/or legal guardian knowingly allows such child to participate in any act which constitutes as a violation of any law;
  7. dies due to self-inflicted injury or self-inflicted illness, whether intended or not, or voluntary exposure to danger or obvious risk of injury. Any injury or disease which is caused partly by the actions or omissions of the insured, but in conjunction with the action or omission of some other party of some other contributory factor, will fall outside the ambit of the above exclusion.

I take note that there is a 31-day no-obligation cooling-off period, from the date of receiving the link with my Welcome letter and policy schedule.
I also take note that both parties have the right to cancel this contract with 31 days written notice to the other party.

Claims and Beneficiaries
I further take note that in the event of a Claim; as per the terms and conditions of this policy and in accordance with the waiting periods; the death benefits will be paid directly to the chosen beneficiary.

I take note that the beneficiary must have his/her own South African bank account and that he/she must be 18 years or older and have a valid South African ID.

I take note that I have been provided every opportunity to nominate a beneficiary. Should you need to amend your beneficiary contact us on 086 111 2750 or info@1surance.co.za

POPIA Declaration
1Surance understands that your personal information is important to you, therefore your privacy is just as important to us and we are committed to safeguard and process your information in a lawful manner. Your personal information is collected, processed and will be recorded, stored and shared with 3rd parties for purposes of facilitating the conclusion of the application for insurance you have applied for as well as maintaining and risk managing your insurance.

I hereby consent to the collection, processing and recording of my personal information for the purpose stated.

Please refer to your policy schedule or the 1Surance website for further information regarding the Protection of your Personal Information, setting out the rights you have, and the details of the Information Officer and Information Regulator should you wish to exercise your rights.

Important notes
I confirm that I took the time to read the terms and conditions and confirm that the information provided is correct and that it meets my needs.

I further confirm that these facts & relationship statuses are true & correct and I take note that any misrepresentation of any facts and details provided will result in the contract being void and that I will forfeit any premiums.

I also confirm that I am fluent in English and that I completely read and understand the content of this document.

I further confirm that the benefits provide sufficient cover to address the risks I face.

I am aware that this is a long-term policy with no surrender or maturity value and will cover me for the remainder of my life.

Contact details
Should you need to submit claims this needs to be done in electronic format to: claims@1Surance.co.za or contact us on 086 111 2750

Our Compliance and Complaints department can be contacted on compliance@1Surance.co.za or you can contact us on: – 086 111 2750

If your complaint is not resolved satisfactorily, the matter can be referred to the Office of the FAIS Ombudsman for consideration. The Ombudsman’s office can be contacted on 012 470 9080 or 012 428 8000.